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MySelamat; your Personal Security App. Once upon a time, we could live our lives free of concerns on our personal security, today this is no longer the case. Today, we live in unpredictable times. Everywhere we go, we have to be vary of our surroundings, observing every nook and cranny while going about our day to day lives. One mistake could be costly.

MySelamat provides a quick access to send an SOS to your loved ones. Because we know that your loved ones care for you and should be the first notified party in the event of an emergency. It’s primary functionality is to send your geolocation via SMS and Email upon activating the SOS Alert.

In most instances of a crime, you might be observed and followed. Leaving you with precious moments before the suspect launches an attack. MySelamat can potentially be a game changer by sending an SOS Alert reporting your current geolocation via SMS and Email to a loved one. The geolocation in return can be used to track your whereabouts in those very precious moments.

Also, be able to access a host of other features within MySelamat app such as News Alerts which features up to date crime reports from people like you and I, Locate nearest Emergency Services or Call the Police 999, and Fire 994.. Setting up is easy and all it takes is your email address, and contact number of yourself and your emergency contact person.

Try it out!, Keep the app in your smartphone for emergencies. Drop us your feedback to and be apart of our growing community to improve this app.

MySelamat is a community service project by IT Paradise Solutions Sdn Bhd. Love our family, Love your yourself. Carry MySelamat with you in your smartphone

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