Speedmeister replicates a digital TFT Speedometer used in supercars today. Speedmeister combines all the necessary features of a Speedmeter packed in a well designed interface that makes it a joy to use.

Main Features of Speedmeister are:

  1. Switch the Speedmeter from Normal to Eco to Power facas
  2. Digital and Analog speedmeter in KM/H and MP/H
  3. Trip Meter to measure distance travelled with reset feature
  4. GPS positioning, provides Latitude, Longitude with accuracy readings
  5. Altitude with accuracy readings
  6. GPS map locked to current position replicating an in-car GPS navigation system
  7. G-Sensor provides lateral G-Force readings using the accelerometer output
  8. Local weather with temperature in Celsius/ Fahrenheit, weather description, and wind speed and direction
  9. Supports iPhone 3/4/4s and 5’s screen resolutions in retina display
  10. Supports iPad

Case details

Client name:
Carbon In Motion Sdn Bhd
Native iOS