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Top 8 Online Logo Generators

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A brand is not just a logo, however, a logo is one of the most critical elements of your brand’s visual identity. Today we will take a look at the best logo generators available online.

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to find the perfect logo for your brand. Either you create something yourself (but you will need strong branding and design skills), or you’ll have to work with a professional designer or branding agency and pay a lot of money for it.

If you have the money to hire a professional designer with branding knowledge or a branding/design agency to help you develop the perfect logo for your brand, we highly recommend you to do so. Having branding and design experts working for you will ensure you get a great logo tailored to your brand personality and strategy. You can see our branding agencies selection in this article.

But for some (especially entrepreneurs with a lower marketing budget) this isn’t always an option, so we’ve pulled together a list of online tools which you can use to automatically generate a logo for free. This list is not exhaustive but we hope it will provide an idea of what’s available online.

1.Mark Maker

Straightforward and easy to use, Mark Maker works as follows: you type in a word and the website uses an algorithm to generate an infinite succession of logos. When you like a logo, you can click on a heart and this will tell the system to generate more logos like it. The objective is that Mark Maker can eventually generate one that suits your needs. You customise the logos and download them for free.


2. TailorBrands

This website will ask you several questions about your brand and style preference and then generate six logos for you to select and adjust. You can also always click the back button to start over and get 6 new options. You can choose between either an icon based, name based or initial based logo.


3. Withoomph

Similar to others in choosing your industry and entering your company name and there is a cost associated with downloading your logo once you’re happy with your chosen design (approx. £10).


4. GraphicSprings

Simply enter your business name, your business sector and it will display a range of logos for you. You can then customise the colour, style, font etc as you go.


5. SquareSpace

Very similar to GraphicSpring, SquareSpace will generate basic yet modern logos. They have a solid symbol database you can use to personalise your logo. The website is clean and well designed, quite easy to use.


6. Shopify

Offers different logo options which are basic in style, hand drawn in look and all white with black outline for the image.


7. Hipster Logo Generator

As stated in the name, this website will help you generate a free vintage/hipster logo.


8. Logo Garden

Aim to provide “do it yourself” logos. Like others, you enter your company name and sector and choose your symbol.

Whatever you decide to do, when it comes to your logo, make sure it’s what feels the right fit for your company and it best represents what your company is, does and stands for.

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