The World is going Mobile

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With the rapid growth of Smartphone, Tablet and Mobile Internet adoption globally, regionally and even here in Malaysia. Gradual reduction of Desktop computer’s dominance and taken over by smartphones and tablets. Forecast sales by 2016, Smartphones would have sold 3 times more than the desktop.

In our context Mobile covers Smartphones and Tablets. A strategic part of the Mobile App strategy for businesses is to reduce costs of marketing communications. Here’s how a mobile app can help. Where a business’s marketing mix today may focus heavily on offline materials such as direct mailers, telemarketing or even sms marketing. With the dynamic increase of smartphone penetration, reaching your customers on mobile is now a reality. Marketing on mobile is not a one to one marketing approach, and similar to internet marketing, is more targeted and cost effective.

IT Paradise develops Apps that help businesses identify the market segment that uses the app and provides vital management information back to the business so that content can be tailored if necessary. If you’re thinking targeted marketing, then look no further, your business needs a mobile app. Don’t get left behind without a Mobile Application for your business because your customers are already going mobile.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]