May 17

Varrstoen Wheel Simulator. 

Choosing a wheel for your ride can sometimes be a daunting task. From wheel size, to wheel width, to the right offset. It does not have to be daunting with this app. 

The Wheel Simulator allows you to customise a ride’s color, wheels and ride height to your perfection. Also, this App provides a wheel offset calculator to calculate the perfect offset wheels to fill your ride’s arches for that stance fitted hellaflush look. 

There’s more, this app allows you to share your creation through Facebook as well as store your customised ride in your photo album for easy retrieval. 

Now choosing the right set of Varrstoen wheels can be done via an iPad app.

This app features:
Varrstoen Wheel simulator. Customise ride color, wheel design, and ride height
Calculate desired Wheel offset with the Offset Calculator
Experience Varrstoen wheels through our Youtube channel
Browse the range of Varrstoen wheels via our product catalogue

Varrstoen Wheels are exceptional high end products because of their balanced design, reflecting a high-quality finish. Each and every Varrstoen product is the result of superb engineering, coupled with high-tech production methods. Varrstoen Wheels are a successful alternative because of the feeling and experience offered by a dedicated team of enthusiastic people in the automobile and motor sports sector. is owned by Varrstoen Malaysia, a business owned by Carbon In Motion Sdn Bhd. We are the official reseller of Varrstoen wheels in Malaysia and Singapore

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