May 17


Speedmeister replicates a digital TFT Speedometer used in supercars today. Speedmeister combines all the necessary features of a Speedmeter packed in a well designed interface that makes it a joy to use.


 Main Features of Speedmeister are:

Switch the Speedmeter from Normal to Eco to Power facias
Digital and Analog speedmeter in KM/H and MP/H
Trip Meter to measure distance travelled with reset feature
GPS positioning, provides Latitude, Longitude with accuracy readings
Altitude with accuracy readings
GPS map locked to current position replicating an in-car GPS navigation system
G-Sensor provides lateral G-Force readings using the accelerometer output
Local weather with temperature in Celsius/ Fahrenheit, weather description, and wind speed and direction
Supports iPhone 3/4/4s and 5’s screen resolutions in retina display
Supports iPad

  • Steven Ho

    Oil and Gas Industry

    I love using SpeedMeister especially when i'm driving out of town. I must admit I'm biased as the app looks almost like the Lexus LFA dials!

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